Why it is so important to choose a great book title?

A writer need not get too attached to having a great book title since it is very much possible that the publisher changes it all. Publishers may think of a title which is more marketable than what the author has given. Authors do not always put very much attention on selecting titles for the books they write. A very creative title would remain as such even after the entire printing and publishing process. A title is not everything, but it has to catch the readers’ attention at a mere glance. A great book title is one of the most important elements of a best-selling book.

Book title is one of the key ways to make good business by writing books. The author has to be very creative and considerate towards selecting a book title which will ultimately prove appealing to the publishers. This would widen the popularity of the book and the author would soon become known. A book title most of the times gives a hint or a tentative idea about what the book is about and there the readership gets designed. Most of the interest and enthusiasm in reading books gets generated by the titles only which are an easy window to the concept the books deal with.

Many people will buy a book just because the title appeals to them. An appealing title should not just be a catchy one, but it must let the people know who is the book meant for, what it is about and what the book will do for them. A title which does this all will definitely attract a huge readership. A book title is what the book is all about and a sub title is what the author promises to do for the readers. Often authors give great titles, but unfortunately they do not promise anything to the readers. Whereas a non-fiction would have an interesting title and an equally catchy subtitle as well.

A title and subtitle of a book helps the author keep his focus on the right track. After completing each chapter, the author can recheck whether he is dealing with the concept of the book in the appropriate way or not. This would be an ideal way for the author to correct himself in case he is digressing from the main theme of the book. These are the ways by which a book title helps in attracting a wide readership.


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