Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More Books

One possible best seller had to follow the previous best seller in author David Gaughran’s case. Let’s Get Visible: How to Get Noticed and Sell More Books had to follow Let’s Get Digital. David Gaughran is the author that advises you very effectively on how to sell your books you self-publish.

If you have a book on sale in Amazon Kindle, you are one among 1.5 million and thousands more are joining you every day.  Is it at all possible to get your book noticed in this seemingly insurmountable list of books? It is not as simple as it used to be.  You need to arm yourself with new tools and new strategies and an outsourcing staff.

You can learn how you can leverage the recommendation engine by getting it to give you good exposure. You can discover other places where else you can go to sell your books. You are a writer, aren’t you? So what are you doing promoting your book? The book tells you how to spend more time writing rather than promoting. It tells you how to be cost-effective. Gaughran is sure that you will get your book noticed if you follow his dictates on the subjects as described above.

Many indie writers have found good sense in the advice in the book. Some go as far as to claim that if you did not have the book in our library, you might try all you could but would remain in the periphery of the book sale.

Gaughran does explain the complex subject in a language anybody would understand and seeks to do away with guesswork.  Hundreds of authors, who are baffled at how things work behind the curtain at Amazon, might find enlightenment in Let’s Get Visible: How to Get Noticed.

Let’s Get Visible: How to Get Noticed is surely not the first book that purportedly tells the self-publishing indie authors how to write and how to market their books. However, almost all of these books have been espousing methods that were time-consuming, ineffective and in fact, bad sales material in themselves.

Given that the self-publishers’ most pressing need is for them to get help to market their books, Gaughran says that it was this question that was asked of him more than anything else.  When you consider the chain of events, an author sets about writing his book first, and that requires no expenditure; he then self-publishes it which again requires no expenditure at all. Then comes the crucial phase which is all about money and expenditure. And, the time factor is introduced here too. Each sale-less day is an unproductive day. That is perhaps why Gaughran chose to write this clever book. Writers could keep Let’s Get Visible: How to Get Noticed as a reference book at their side.

Excellent writers who got their book published and who were waiting patiently to see the sale of their books soaring had seen their book turn a dud only because they were not aware of the changing scenario in self-publishing and marketing. The gap in the knowledge has been filled to their satisfaction by Let’s Get Visible: How to Get Noticed.


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