The ART of Following God

Building a life-giving faith is an A.R.T., and you are the artist. You have been given three tools to hone your craft:

• Actions (the body)
• Relationships (the spirit)
• Thoughts (the soul)

Each of us can exercise and test our faith, because we all have these three amazing tools. They are woven into the fabric of our daily lives, and with them we can learn the life-changing “ART of following God.”

Your faith belongs to you alone, and to nobody else. It is yours only, to use as you wish. But as is true with most anything, it does tend to flourish under certain conditions, and wither under others. The beautiful truth is that faith is alive— it will tell us how it is doing, if we practice listening and responding to it.

Help your body, spirit and soul to thrive. Learn how the ART is found in what Jesus calls the most important commandment in the Bible, and how this theme is as relevant today as it was in the ancient Scriptures where it was born.


The A.R.T. of Following God:Following God is an art. Sometimes, though, what we’d hoped would be a masterpiece looks more like a child’s scribbles-lines of crazy, clashing colors without structure or design. We wrestle to make sense of our questions, hurts, and fears. We know we have more potential than we have discovered, yet living up to it can seem so unattainable. Life just doesn’t work out the way we’d planned. When we pattern our ART-our actions, relationships, and thoughts-after God’s design, however, we begin to experience our potential. He has created us to know and follow him with all three parts of our lives. When we do so, ‘we are actually living for God’s good. We desire to please him and do what we can to help accomplish what we believe is his plan during the course of our lives, for his sake.’ Truly following God is the most challenging life to live; but it is the best life, because it is the life God has designed for us.


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