5 Characteristics of a Shareable Writing Content

Shareable Writing Content
Every single day, huge number of content from across the globe are being filtered and sorted by major search engines such as Google and yahoo ensuring its quality and safety for people to read. With as much content and information people create, there are those which receives significant amount of social media sharing from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr to Google +. What makes a content worth sharing online? Below are some of the common characteristics of a shareable content mostly in the form of blogs, photos or videos.

*Appeals to the emotion

SEO Moz reported that a content garners huge amount of attention and shares when it appeals to the emotion may it be joy, sadness, anger, fear or anxiety. Notice in the graphics provided by SEO Moz where it shows content creating high-energy emotions such as anger, anxiety and awe are more likely to be shared than those which inspire low-energy emotions such as sadness.

*Useful Content

There’s no question that great appreciation are given to useful content which either let the readers take action or teach them something new. The types of content readers often regard as useful are those providing tips, how-to’s, tutorials and such which are automatically and largely shared across social media.

*Fresh and Original Topics

With more and more people writing and discussing almost the same thing online, readers are hungry for fresh topics that capture their attention and knock the socks off them. Offering readers fresh, original, engaging and well-researched content sure can garner a lot of social shares and could be the talk of the town.

*Contains captivating, interesting, funny Images

2013 is the Year of the Meme! Who hasn’t come acrossed with one? Even major online newspaper sites with the likes of Huffington post, Dailymail UK incorporated memes’ in some of their published posts often involving celebrities and even politicians.

*With Enticing Titles

Failure in creating enticing title results to failure of the content to be clicked and shared. An enticing title is absolutely needed for a shareable content. Since it is the first thing a reader sees, the content title must be concise, relevant, clear, actionable, intriguing and authoritative. Titles which trigger emotional responses can sure be highly effective and widely shared as well.

There are a lot more characteristics of a shareable content to consider aside from the things written above. But keen observation and strict adherence of these characteristics in the content being written will surely get readers to love to spend time reading, bookmarking and sharing it to social media and the world.


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