Benefits that Self-Published Authors Acquire from Book Marketing

Book Marketing Benefits
Writing a book can be a very challenging to do. Yet there are already hundreds and thousands of people doing it. Some even consider quitting their professions just to focus on writing. And, though a lot of people have started writing, there are only a few of them who have done reasonable efforts to finish their books and make them on the top-selling list of books in the world especially in the evolution of self-publishing. It makes me think that to become an author is definitely a tough stage for most people given the fact that there are a lot of things to consider before accomplishing it: budget, investment on book marketing, the people to work with, the companies to be dealing with and more.

Nevertheless, getting into the peak of writing and publishing industry is an awe-inspiring accomplishment for anyone. This is the greatest deal as to why there is what we call best-selling authors or top-selling books. These are the products of the genuine minds and creative pens which try to excel in the writing and publishing journey despite failures and rejections encountered. To that, I highly commend these successful authors who have been able to surpass all the humps on their roads which make them reach the finish line of the journey. Above all, I consider these individuals to have great minds in their decision-making when it comes to choosing the best book marketing services for their books, platforms, and strategies.

Along with the evolution of self-publishing, book marketing services from different independent publishing companies multiply their numbers. This happens because the needs of self-published authors have also increase.

Online marketing

Most self-publishing companies offer book marketing services which involve online advertising such as the E-mail advertisement. Most authors opt for this service for its easy access advantage. Other than being simple and easy to use, e-mail marketing is cheaper compared to other book marketing services. It is quicker and involves wider reach of audience. Using this service also means direct advertising and very effective to authors who believe in the “word of mouth” advertising.

Other than e-mail advertisement campaign, here’s Online Directory Listing which involves posting a short blurb about a book to be sent to different websites that have a high rate of visitors. It is also considered as the most cost-efficient marketing program while it taps specific online audience for a book.

Creating a personal website for a book can also make a difference. A customized website can be your own online store for your books. It serves as a perfect place for your readers and avid fans to visit and follow your blogs or any updates regarding you and your upcoming books. It’s more convenient way of informing your readers what’s the latest book you’ve got and even if it is still in progress, your readers will already have an idea about it.

Strategies via media

It can be with the use of social media, print media, or broadcast. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus are considered top 5 among the most popular social networking sites. Due to millions of followers and subscribers to these sites, they are considered one of the most effective spots to advertise your book. Book marketing via social media gets your book the chance to be viewed by these sites users, subscribers, and followers, who can be converted into book buyers.

While social media is more on online book marketing, most of the self-publishing companies have launched services which involve the power of print and broadcast media. Examples of these are Newswire service and Media Release campaigns. Media Release campaigns aim to generate a press release of your book and target to reach your preferred media outlets and organizations. Newswire service, on the other hand, aims to widen your book’s publicity coverage through direct consumer exposure. This happens when a press release of your book is subscribed by journalists who are receiving articles through news subscription.

Book reviews

Getting your book some reviews definitely make a huge difference. People read and listen to some pieces of advice from the others who were done reading your book. Their ability to buy your books is mostly influenced by the kind of reviews your book acquire from its readers and from some credible companies who provide professional reviews for your book.

Self-publishing companies are now busy satisfying their every customer’s need in book marketing. Every day, a new book marketing campaign is launched by each company trying to compete with the other. services started with just a few but as company’s clients drastically increase their numbers; more book advertisement campaigns have also been launched to respond to their needs.

At the end of the day, it is still your decision that matters. You might decide creating campaigns by your own and advertise your books on your social media site. You might be in need of some help from professional book marketing companies in order to make sure you are taking the right actions, step-by-step towards gaining some profits out of your hard work. You’ve always got the choice. Nevertheless, writing and getting your book published doesn’t justify your goal to be a known author, to profit, and to get your book a voice out in the market. You need to promote it by any means in order for other people to recognize your book’s worth and the significance of what you want to share.


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