Essential Book Marketing Tips

Essential Book Marketing Tips

Are you an aspiring author, hoping to see your book jumping off the shelves? Or are you aiming to be the chart topping author of all-time?

You certainly can with a lot of hard work and determination that what you actually thought. In case you don’t know, publishing is not always in triumph and it is not a piece of cake. You’ve got to move with the help self-publishing services for you to see results. You might cross a rough road at first, but once you get things in order, it will later work on your advantage.

Here are some of the book marketing tips that author can utilize to become successful in publishing industry.

Identify your audience

Not all books appeal to all readers. Most likely, not all people are your potential readers. Characterize your audience. Think like your one of them, because if you know your audience’s interests then you know the right pitches to do.

Start Early

When writing your book, plan in your marketing strategies in advance. Keep on researching about the latest trends in the book market and equip yourself with bunch of ideas.

Be Techie

Create a website or blog -Your website serves as the house of all the stuff about your book.

Be updated with social networking sites – Generate a buzz using Facebook. Sign up for Twitter. Share photos, sites or links about your book in Pinterest. Build relationship with professionals in Linkedn.

Market book locally then expand

Usually, readers from national or international media will have no interest about your book. So, start shaping up your future by getting the attention of local readers. Make use of local media outlets like radio, television or newspapers. Then, start to expand the coverage of the advertisement to reach worldwide readers.

Catch attention with the use of captivating promotional content

Create advertisements like flyers about the information of your book. Make use of “book blurb” and keep it fresh to tease your potential readers. Make the description short so condense all the important information to get the reader’s attention. But leave them the eagerness to read the whole book.

Encourage reader’s reviews

One of the best ways of marketing is word-of-mouth. Build relationship with your potential readers. Encourage them to leave reviews in a friendly manner since you don’t want to be an annoying author making hard sell.

Learn from the people in the street

Be keyed up with every potential reader who is walking by. Don’t let them pass you but rather engage them with your conversation. Give them something about your book since people love freebies!

Always wear a smile! And never forget that every person you come in contact with is a potential reader.

These book marketing tips may or may not work for others. But this is how it works; marketing is not an easy task. Oftentimes, the fruits of your labor take time before it will be out in the open.

Don’t give up when rejection comes in your way. Never allow failures to ruin you. As what Og Mandino said, “Never quit and your turn will come.”


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