If You Only Knew By Shirley A. Morgan

If You Only Knew

Meet a woman – a single parent – who is working and trying to raise two boys. Being a preacher’s daughter, she resides in a middle class community.

Listen as Carolyn talks about being a single parent and shares about the struggles she has to face when it comes to men. Follow her as one of her bosses takes her to dinner and, during the meal, gets intoxicated that she has to catch a cab home from the restaurant. Carolyn believes that we are often shaped by our parents and she feels she gets her morals from her father Henry.

Find out if you have the same beliefs and thoughts as Carolyn’s… and if you also think and feel that we are living in a society where people don’t know who and what to believe.

Shirley A. MorganI am a poetess, author and songwriter. I recently retired from a government job after 28 years of service.

I have always liked to write and empower people. In June 2013, I published a book called If You Only Knew? Bought the Shoes Bought the Hat. It can be purchased at Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Wal Mart.


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