Introducing MIddle School By Virginia B Steves, M.ED.

Introducing MIddle School By Virginia


For those children who have special needs, it may be hard to face middle school. Thankfully, we have this transition guide that will help parents and guardians as they assist their children with special needs when they take their first step into middle school.

Friendly to use and highly informative, Introducing Middle School: A Transition Guide for Parents of Children with Special Needs, is a definitive guide for parents with special needs students, to aid in the transition from elementary to middle school life.

With great tips on fitting in socially and gaining better organizational skills to adjust to a demanding new workload, parents and kids alike will be comforted by the accessible text and positive tone of this extraordinary guide.

Virginia B. Stevens, M.Ed., works with autistic children at Loudoun County Public School, a middle school in Virginia. Mrs. Stevens has a master’s degree in special education (K-12) from West Virginia University. She has taught children in West Virginia and Virginia with special needs in the fields of specific learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, and Autism for nearly twenty-five years. Her current special interest is in the field of Autism spectrum disorders. The author recently completed an Autism certificate from George Mason University. She is also an active member of the Council for Exceptional Children. This is her first book.


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