Where is Home? By Anneros Valensi

Where is Home


Many of us travel far and wide, but in the end, we still look for warmth and welcoming comfort of home.

For Anneros Valensi, she answers the question of WHERE is HOME in the pages of this compelling memoir.

She shares her story of how her family survived the miseries of WWII in East Germany during 1944. The family, mother with 5 young children aged 1 1/2 – 11, was evicted from their homeland by the Russians and settled in West Germany in 1946.Her father was drafted into the army; and her mother and four siblings had no food and shelter; life dealt them some difficult cards.

Immerse yourself in the raw and honest emotions of this experience as seen through the eyes of a six-year-old child, who was forced to accept the reality that she had to do what needed to be done to stay alive during those challenging times.

Difficult and hard, life seemed then; it looked like fate had in store quite an adventure just for her… an interesting journey that would lead her to experience life in London and in America.

Her book takes you on a journey of her life to find ‘Home’ to forget the hardship and find peace of mind.


About the Author


Anneros Valensi

How would you face war – and deal with its after effects? For a very young girl who doesn’t have a choice but to face it, she didn’t falter. She met it head-on and dealt with it with pride and grace.

That’s Anneros Valensi – and that is her story.

Follow her as she recalls the stories of war, beginning with the cruel Russian occupation of her homeland, the trauma of an unsettled life, and her family’s move to West Germany in 1946.

So, who is Anneros Valensi, the author?

She was born in East Germany in 1938. She was 6 years old when the war and its fallout struck her and her family. She loved to study and learn about the world. In 1956 after graduation from high school, she studied to be a nurse.

Her curiosity about life and to forget the war compelled her to take chances. She moved to London, England in 1961 searching to find peace of mind. She was offered the opportunity to accompany CEOs on a company’s private plane.

Five years later, she became restless again and was hired by Trans World Airlines for training as flight attendant. She arrived in America in 1966.

Her stories provide stark first-hand insight into the realities of war. And WHERE is HOME tells her family’s story, the challenges they encountered, and the long-term effects in their psyches.


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