The Carver Literary Arts Society 2010 Anthology

The Carver Literary Arts Society 2010 Anthology

If you’re looking for something comforting but honest…
truthful but healing…
thought-provoking but adventurous…
funny but soulful…
then this book is for you.

Author Antoinette V. Franklin shares an anthology of literary arts with these stories of women dealing with abuse, teen abortion, racial pride, internet dating, culture, change, and more.

In this first African American Anthology written in the city of San Antonio, Texas, the author features 16 African-American writers and one Mexican-American writer, who share words that will fill your heart with joy laced with some sorrow.


About the Book

Immerse yourself in poetry, short stories and essays with The Carver Literary Arts Society Anthology 2010.

What began in April 2009 as an appreciation group of African American Literature has transformed the Literature scene in San Antonio into a new cultural experience. This anthology celebrates seasoned writers as well as the novices that are expressing their talent.

Many areas reflect their muse’s special touch and how they have captured her charm. There’s a young poet who spoke bravely about losing a loved one; there’s a poem about fun in the Jamaican sun and witnessing the transformation yet to come. One poet wrote a stirring poem about the Watts Riot; others penned down spiritually uplifting messages that tell the story without preaching.

Experience freedom of expression with the love of words and hope for tomorrow in this collection that celebrates writing of various cultures and backgrounds with the inner voices’ musings that tell the stories passed down and many stories that were lived through.

Find yourself enwrapped with joy, laughter and so many life lessons in these pages.


About the Author

Antoinete V. Franklin is a sixth generation Texan and began writing at the age of six. She is an educator and creative writng teacher in San Antonio, Texas.


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