Maturation: The Adult Paradigm (The Map) by Skipi Lundquist Smoot, PhD

Maturation The Adult Paradigm

Maturation: The Adult Paradigm (The Map) clarifies the vague Boundary between Adolescent and Adult Development

In the pages of this enlightening new book, Author Skipi Lundquist Smoot, PhD, reveals significant scientific evidence concerning the Adult stage of Psychological Development

“The guide provides a fresh perspective on its subject, framing a majority of Adult Emotional Distress and Anxiety to fall on the continuum of Ego & Cognitive Immaturity/Maturity vs Neurosis/Wellness. In this way, Dr. Smoot breaks from many of her contemporaries, offering a holistic approach that advocates personal exploration instead of pharmacology or fad therapies. Dr. Smoot is no stranger to mental anguish herself; this book was greatly informed by the tragic deaths of three of her sons, and she effectively weaves her own grief and confusion into the book while managing to make her advice seem personal and applicable to everyone. Dr. Smoot also skillfully and engagingly blends the spiritual and the scientific, highlighting spirituality’s therapeutic benefits in conjunction with conventional therapies.

A comprehensive, helpful guide to the troubled mind.” -Kirkus

We are Born with a Mission– to explore our own path. Most of us begin our Journey “dancing” with abandon to intense emotional rhythms. Only later…often in great pain, do some of us recognize the outstretched hand of Objective Reality and learn to Dance to the Music of the Universe (Laws of Cause & Effect.}. Irvine, CA – From author Skipi Lundquist Smoot, PhD, comes a revealing definition of the Adult Developmental Stage of Psychological Maturation, which serves as the necessary “Missing Link” for development of Unique Personal Potential, comfort with emotional and personal separation, and ability to live in harmony with the Essence of both one’s “Real” self and that of significant others. This book targets different audiences and aims to help these groups in their respective self-development needs. For Adult Readers who are searching for a resolution of psychological and relationship problems, this acts as a Self-Help book that teaches a clear, logical method for resolving conflicts, coping with stress, and making successful decisions in both personal and relationships with important others. For Mental Health Professionals, this serves as a guide to treatment of Adult Symbiotic Attachment, a model for use in Marriage And Family Psychotherapy, and a help to parents dealing with problematic older adolescents. For Colleges and Universities, this book acts as educational resources for both teaching and learning up-to-date information concerning the science of Psychology. For psychological Organizations, this reading is an insightful guide for presentations at professional meetings. The author hopes that readers will follow The “MAP” and learn to dance to the Music of Reality, to enable them discover and to be comfortable with their “Real” self. This book is available online and can be purchased at and

About the Author

Skipi Lundquist Smoot Skipi Lundquist Smoot, PhD is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Business Consultant with Offices at 10 McLaren, Suite–D – Irvine, Ca. 92618. Dr. Smoot is the former owner-operator of 3 successful McDonald’s Restaurants in California and Virginia. Dr. Smoot is shown here with Ronald McDonald and Uncle, Ray Kroc (McDonald’s Founder) at the opening of her McDonald’s Restaurant on Richmond Road in Williamsburg, VA (1976). Dr. Smoot’s education includes a PhD in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, California, a MA in Marriage, Family, Child Clinical Services from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and a BA in Psychology from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA (Christopher Newport Campus). In Private Practice for over 25years, Dr. Smoot has a weekly caseload of private clients in Addition to supervising Masters and Doctoral Level interns in the areas of Psychotherapy and administration and interpretation of a specialized battery of Psychological Clinical and Vocational tests. She is listed in Who’s Who in American Women and Who’s Who in America. Skipi Lundquist Smoot Author Skipi Lundquist Smoot, PhD, has also released The “MAP” Workbook for use with Maturation: The Adult Paradigm to help readers examine their path closely for clues. Her upcoming books: The Murder of Blake – Will the “Real” Bad Guys please stand up, and On the Couch – A collection of Vignettes and Visualization concerning Psychotherapy.


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