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How Can You Make Your Book Visible Online

How Can You Make Your Book Visible Online

Be Specific on your title

Readers today are extremely specific when they search information online. So, instead of trying to come up with a title generally accepted by everyone, try to create a more specific one. If your book is a non-fiction read about travelling; focus and examine whether you can create a title that is more specific. Make sure it can give an appeal to its possible readers.

Use keywords

Make your book visible and desirable through the use of keywords in promoting it. Any book marketing can be done through creating blogs, blurbs, and your social media websites such as Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest, and more. Hence, you should take into consideration that your choice of these words are critical because Internet users, readers, and researchers are looking for information online that direct their needs and at all times, they use specific keyword phrases when referring to books they like.

Publish relevant content online

It is not necessarily talking about your book all the time. You can create some contents that are related to your book’s subject matter. Readers, who search for information they need tend to simply type in some keywords. Your book or the other contents you create will pop up on their search. These materials can direct readers to the right information they need and gets your book that higher chance to be seen by them during their search.

Invite reviewers to assess your work

Look up for some books that have the same genre as yours and start scrutinizing those reviewers who have left hundreds up to thousands of reviews for these books. These reviewers are probably professional assessors who are followed by a lot of readers online as they can influence readers when it comes to a good choice of books to read. Find a way to contact them and invite them to review your work as well. In such way, their followers can be your book’s next online avid fans.

Get a brand for yourself and start giving reviews to other crafts

On a website where you are trying to promote your book, you can start providing reviews to other books or other products that are advertised. In such way, other advertisers can return the favor by looking at what you have posted on the website and they can also say something about your book. Make sure you have a created a brand for yourself that says something about you being an author of a book.

Insert a catching quote on your ad online

People tend to be attracted on different quotes posted on different websites. Some do visit online to look for inspiring quotes of the day so that they can start an easy day. Grab this opportunity to inspire people to read your quote. When your quote is inspiring; they would take time to look up online and search about you as an author. This can also be a great way for them to read more about your book, research, and look forward to see all your other works.

Hit Like and Share your book ad

Connection is the game name over the Internet. Everyone in the world today can easily connect with each other through the use of the Internet and is considered the modern way of sharing all kinds of information. Most of the websites nowadays have the “Like” and “Share” buttons which give us the easy way to share what we’ve got. Make use of them– share your ads to others and start making your book visible.

Make use of the Link Building

Links help the ranking of any search online and help you determine which words that can highly rank your ad during research. Having a link to your book can help increase your rank in search engines and gets your book the chance to gain more online visibility.

Continue to get your book more notice online by promoting it continuously using the different accessible tools online. Never settle on a few results of your advertising. Take advantage of all the possible resources to make your book visible that can lead to future sales.

Learning to Spell the Easy Way by Louise McPherson

Learning to Spell the Easy Way

Educator Louise McPherson leaves a legacy in early childhood education with this fun activity workbook on Learning to Spell the Easy Way.

Never be afraid to enhance your different skills. Develop a passion for learning and re-learning every day of your life. Enjoy these fun-loving activities and strategies and be a great help to the young ones.

With this enjoyable, meaningful, and relevant collection of interesting activities, parents and teachers alike would be able to better:
– Assist children and adults who are learning English as a second language
– Guide students through the basic shreds of English consonants and vowels.
– Enhance spelling, writing, reading and dictionary skills
– Offer fun activities that reinforce concepts and make it easier for the learning to bolster spelling, reading and writing skills
– Understand the role prefixes and suffixes play in the English language
– And many more…

Master these basic learning skills and excel at reading, spelling and writing. Improve your spelling prowess with this educational reference.

Louise McPherson

Louise McPherson is a special education teacher with several academic degrees, including a teaching diploma from West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University) and a master’s degree in special education from City College, City University of New York. She has a wide range of teaching experience at the pre-primary, primary, junior high, and adult educational levels. She has tutored and taught reading, spelling and writing for more than thirty years. She currently lives in New York.

Impact of Self-Publishing Company Reviews on Aspiring Writers

self-publishing company review

As a self-published author, you are definitely entitled to your worries, queries, and the second thoughts about pursuing a path in self-publishing. Yet, some authors have proven themselves right when they start to self-publish their work and to the date, continue to enjoy having their books the hot picks of interested readers in the world.

Yet of course, successful self-published authors have been very careful on their every action considering the risks, investments, and effort they have shed just to get published. While “price” has become one of the most considered reasons of most readers to purchase self-published books; authors have also their own weighing scale in choosing the right self-publishing company to work with—including the good reputation and great reviews about the company.

The comparison

There are thousands of self-publishing companies in the world to choose from but let’s take a closer look on the reviews from some authors experiencing their services. In that way, you can start figuring out which company can be your good choice to self-publish your book.

This comparison’s credibility lies mainly on the experiences of their authors with them. In most cases, authors base their reviews on how they feel about the people working with them and the kind, quality, and the price of all self-publishing services they are offered with.

The pricing assessment

Most readers would look at first how much the book costs; and so with the self-published authors seeking for useful self-publishing services along the way. And you need facts about the pricing system of self-publishing services from each company.

In this, I mean a self-published author needs to first take into consideration the importance of researching about each self-publishing company and compare the prices of one common service offered. Under the publishing bracket for instance, most of the self-publishing companies are now offering the copyediting service. Different companies have different pricing scale on this service, such as BookWhirl Publishing, which charges $0.11 per 10,000-60,000 words, for $.023 per word, Xlibris for $0.012 per 10,000-60,000 words, and $0.35 per word at Trafford Publishing.

Good customer service that a company offers is also a plus. Authors who have great experiences talking to these companies’ marketing representatives are always likely to buy more additional book publishing and marketing services in the future.

Book marketing campaigns and media

These kinds of campaigns, whether book reviews, press release ads, and any kind of publicity that involves media, strongly underline the power of reputation. Most self-publishing companies are affiliated with different kinds of broadcast and print media where they can go further with posting press release ads for books and getting book reviews from popular and established book reviewers in the world. And most self-published authors find it a great accomplishment when they are able to have their books featured in newspapers and television. The question is: are they affiliated with those having high reputation media firms?

It is the companies that know whom are they affiliated with. And though the prices of this kind of book publicity campaign differ from one company to the other; the most important thing for authors to do is to ask those people dealing with them in their book marketing. It is your right to ask all your questions in mind so you will know who you are dealing with and what kind of exposure your book is going through.

Authors have different experiences in their self-publishing. When they are asked about those experiences, some of the answers would be based from their experience with the people working for the company.

Jilda Leigh, author of Shadows, Skeletons and a Southern BelleAnimals in the Fridge and other e-books, shares her experience working with Booktango. “This company and the personnel are awesome to work with! They have addressed any and all concerns I had in a timely and professional manner. They treated BOTH my e-book babies like they were their own children.”

Some authors are giving highlights on the benefits they get from a company’s service. Michael Edward Little, author of Twelve Quiet Men, happily recalls how some book marketing services of BookWhirl Publishing gives him the good way towards succeeding as a self-published author. “All in all my website and Trailer were very professionally done and I’m very happy with the way they turned out. In addition to creating a very professional result I found the Book Whirl staff to be very responsive, easy to work with, and very nice friendly accommodating people.

Of course, they give reviews according to how they feel about the company from the kind of customer service they get, the price of the services they take advantage, and the kind of support they get from these people towards gaining good results in the end.

Take your own actions now by getting more information on how you can self-publish and get recognition from your work. Gather some self-publishing company reviews and all related information; compare them, and decide which company that has all the qualities you need to consider.

Pastor Randy Mauney: Two Inspiring and Thoughtful Books

Randy Mauney

From Pastor Randy Mauney come two inspiring and thoughtful books for any reader interested in biblical study.

Experience a different type of preaching through word pictures and object lessons. The Pictorial Preaching of the Prophet Jeremiah starts with three introductory chapters building a premise for the thirteen messages Jeremiah preaches using word pictures.

This book also doubles as a commentary of the book of Jeremiah. Each word picture is explained, and application is made to present-day America and how Jeremiah’s message, the Word of God, can help both Christians and non-Christians alike. It reveals obvious similarities between Judah in history and America today.

In the second book, the author introduces Leah, Abraham, the wise men, and the young children that cried in the temple to Jesus saying “Hosanna” to the son of David. Observe how each one praised and worshipped God. May we will also learn how and why we praise and worship our Lord and Savior.

Praise and Worship: A Biblical Etymology is designed to research the first time that the words praise and worship are used in both the Old and New Testaments, so we learn the context as well as the purpose of praise and worship. By looking at both the Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) languages, we will gain a working definition and knowledge of how to praise and worship God. Educational and instructive, this is for all believers who want a deeper relationship with Christ.

Praise and Worship: A Biblical Etymology

Praise and Worship: A Biblical Etymology

Praise and Worship: A Biblical Etymology illuminates the heart and mind to the meaning of genuine praise and worship. By studying the context of the words, praise and worship, from the Old and New Testaments, the author clearly defines what God prescribes as praise and worship. Today’s church displays an interest and desire to praise and worship Jesus Christ. However, is the church approaching God through biblical praise and biblical worship?

The author researches and identifies the meaning of praise and worship through biblical accounts. Each scripture clearly defines the actions that must be taken for praise and worship to be offered to our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, worship is displayed through the actions of Abraham as he and Isaac made their way up the mountain to worship the Lord. Leah’s life is considered as well while she demonstrates praise at the birth of her son, Levi.

In addition, the New Testament offers more illuminating definitions for praise and worship. Worship is explored by examining the Magi’s journey to worship the newborn child, Jesus Christ. Praise is further studied as the reader takes a look at the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem when the young ones praise Him for the good deeds He had been performing.

Lastly, Praise and Worship: A Biblical Etymology provides pictorial accounts and illustrations of praise and worship to deepen the readers’ knowledge and understanding of true, biblical praise and worship. This book instructs readers to immediately implement biblical praise and worship into their lives.

The Pictorial Preaching of the Prophet Jeremiah

The Pictorial Preaching of the Prophet Jeremiah

God gifted Jeremiah and equipped him to be a prophet to the nations, and he preached to reach the heart of God’s people from between 627 BC until after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC. In The Pictorial Preaching of the Prophet Jeremiah, author Dr. Randy A. Mauney captures the essence of Jeremiah’s life and purpose and shows how he remained faithful to God, even through tough times.

The Pictorial Preaching of the Prophet Jeremiah discusses thirteen of the word picture and object lesson messages Jeremiah used to convey his teachings. It provides insight into the history of such stories as the search for righteous man, the sermon at the gate, the summon of the women, the soiled girdle, and the staggering drunk and smashed wineskins. Mauney applies the lessons to present-day America and shows how Jeremiah’s message, the Word of God, can help both Christians and non-Christians.

Doubling as a commentary of the book of Jeremiah, The Pictorial Preaching of the Prophet Jeremiah shows the true purpose of the ministry of Jeremiah to the nation of Judah. It discusses the similarities between Judah in history and America in the present and provides a refreshing view of the Old Testament prophets and how God uses preachers and pastors today.

The Moonlight Emporium by Violeta Sterner

The Moonlight Emporium

From the author of Cold from the Inside Out comes the equally riveting sequel, The Moonlight Emporium.

Author Violeta Sterner continues the saga of the Ravenwood Clan in this second book. The Ravenwoods are finally getting their family settled but the adventures haven’t stopped.

Kate has to fix her head, so they made an appointment with the doctor. Though the results fascinated the doctor, these were not alarming. Gabe has healed nicely after the beating administered by Professor Gilbert, while Gilbert spent time in prison after he recovered from his beating by Ravenwood. When the new DA charged Ravenwood with attempted murder, Ravenwood broke his jaw when he would not keep his hands off Kate.

Come and enjoy with Ravenwood and Kate as they celebrate their wonderful wedding – and hear Ravenwood play the violin to surprise his beloved. Accompany Kate as she learns that she could calm the mares during the birthing process, just as she could calm the family.

But what role does Stella, who runs The Moonlight Emporium, home of Po’s Potions, play in the lives of the Ravenwoods? Read on to find out the exciting adventures and surprises the emporium has in stored for you.

About the Author

Violeta F. Sterner was a project manager for AT&T, Storage Tech, and IBM. She is no longer able to work due to a disability. She lives with her mother in Ballwin, Missouri.

Edie Bradley LaDuke’s Postal Blue Image

Postal Blue Image

Postal Blue Image


The treasure of postal acclaim found its original concept during the same time as the tiny village of Rome was rising to its political heights. And this spread out from Europe through America and to the rest of the world. Even today, there is that notable honor specially given for these mail servicemen everywhere.

On September 21, 1963, one special mail lady crossed the rank and file of the postal blue to become the very first female foot letter carrier in this district, which included the states of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. And she invites you to join her, using the mode of transportation: her pair of feet and the U.S. mailbag in her story. Come and walk a mile or two with her and take a rather keen look at the street life of a mail lady.

Are you ready to face the rain that comes with thunder and no umbrella in sight, with stinking socks and black toenails? Find out if you can survive the street life of a mail lady as you leaf through the pages of Postal Blue Image.

Edie Bradley LaDuke

As far back as one can go in a young child’s memory, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up! A newspaper reporter was top billing. And still today, 2008, I have mellow dreams. No money for college has destroyed many of a dream. Yet there are ways to rebuild that dream. Just ask me. My greatest accomplishments in life have been my second marriage to my beloved Frenchman, Kenny and the warm loving five children (Richard, Tommy, Steven, Billy and Theresa) I have from my first marriage. The love and support that Kenny showered upon me helped me to find the courage to become a college student. How proud he walked beside me that night I graduated from Indiana University with an Associate Degree in Journalism. My children and now their children have listened and shared their views in so many ways throughout all the years I have had the honor of having them to love. God has certainly blessed me. My cup runneth over! My hat’s off to all who have listened to me whenever I shared my wonderful memories. Your support and laughter is priceless.

At age 16, another goal began to take shape, ‘I wanted to write a novel one third as good as Gone With The Wind. What a lofty and notable challenge that was! I offer you for your reading pleasure Postal Blue Image. My computer and I now reside in The Hoosier State.