Odd Socks a Book by David Clapham

Odd Socks
Chance events… Well intentioned conspiracies… Comical liaisons… All together meshing into one engaging read in author David Clapham’s Odd Socks.

1970. Meet the diffident young mathematician Andrew Carter, who has just left the security and prestige of Cambridge to begin a junior lectureship at a university situated in northern England. He runs into Toby, an old school friend, who invites him to his family’s country residence for his half-sister’s 15th birthday. He’s not just there as a guest, but also as a buffer between Toby and his domineering mother. Over the weekend, Andrew conspires with Toby and Antonia to rescue their older half-sister from their dominating mother’s influence. Accompany Andrew as he grows closer to Antonia… and find out what this weekend has in stored for all of them.

30 years later. Meet Andrew again—who is back to being single again. He receives a call from Sir Oliver Laine, Member of Parliament and speculative dealer. He arranges for Andrew to commute between an Oxford College and Vietnam as a statistical adviser in medical trials and, incidentally, to help him launch a dubiously effective antidepressant. But it seems that Andrew’s trip to Hanoi is going to be a journey he wouldn’t forget. Follow him as he meets a homeless orphan – a chance meeting that changes everything for Andrew – in this intriguingly woven story full of life, love and emotions.

David Clapham

David Clapham was raised in Sheffield, England, studied botany at Oxford, and worked for five years at the Welsh Plant Breeding Station in Aberystwyth. He later moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where he got married and raised two children. David’s work has taken him to Vietnam, where he participated in a forestry research project.


Iguana Named Iggy by Valarrie Harris

Iguana Named Iggy

Iguana Named Iggy

This story is about an Iguana and his best friend Brad who have to go through changes they both don’t like. But in the end everything works out.

Valarrie Harris

I love to write children books. I used to read children’s books every night with my daughter. We loved the ones that rhymed. They were fun to read. Now as a writer, I love to write children’s books. And I like them to teach children something good from each book. I also collect anything with dragonflies on it because I love dragonflies.

Why have one’s book reviewed?

Book Review Services
Consumer to consumer’s product promotion through word-of –mouth could be considered as one of the most crucial forms of marketing as it suggests either eminent success or deep failure. Nonetheless, in the world of publishing, this marketing strategy greatly helps authors of notable work in gaining hoard of audiences ,while gives less favored authors constructive comments and suggestions for future writing venture – book review as this marketing technique is called.

No writer would dare invest much of his time, money and effort in coming up with a manuscript with no guarantee of acquiring sales. Every writer aims at gaining wide-range of readers that would pay-off their investments. Nevertheless, readers- acting cleverer than writers – makes sure that the story behind a single paperback is worth their hard-earned dollars. Clever readers then – before taking a pick of one’s work – get acquainted with varied marketing strategies which promote that certain book – from watching book trailers to reading media release campaigns. These strategies may help in convincing a reader to purchase one’s work, but word-of-mouth promotion from one reader to another is a more powerful convincing technique, giving the book utmost credibility.

However, with books all aiming at getting noticed, how can one’s work be qualified for a good review? Does one have to exert much effort in doing so?

Once a book reviewer finds one’s work remarkable, convicting recommendations from these analyst and critics are expected to reach new fans. Through constructive analysis of one’s work, hoard of readers are now anticipating to take a pick of one’s book. Sounds great how effortless the process takes by just letting these critics do their part. On the other hand, every author must do their part of providing these reviewers worth-reading materials so as to expect positive reviews. The review then greatly depends upon the quality of the material one has.

Even so, if one opts for a quality endorsement that the consumers could trust, BlueInk Book Review and Kirkus Book Review are just few of those book review services that provide proficient and constructive analysis of one’s work.

Nonetheless, whichever marketing strategy one makes use of, the story behind one’s manuscript – how the characters, and the events in the story affect and influence the readers – is the best weapon an author could exploit so as to excel from the rest.

God answers your prayers in Effective Prayers by Rev. Robert Antwi

No matter how long it will take, God is prepared to answer the prayer of his loved ones.

Effective PrayersEffective Prayers shows who you are in the Lord Jesus, the types of prayers, how God answers prayers, and how you can lead a victorious life in Christ Jesus. In this unique prayer book, author Rev. Robert Antwi shows a believer how to pray effectively to receive answer to prayers.

Prayer is talking and listening to God, but many believers do not know how to hear from God – and this book will show them how. It will also show you who you are in the Lord; the power and authority that God has invested in you to destroy the works of Satan; and your access before the Throne of God through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of personal testimonies of answered prayers and the book presents how God answers prayers with fire, earthquake, thunder, lightning, and voices. This also details how he decided to learn to walk with God and to get his prayers answered. Most of the time, a prayer may be delayed but God is using the time to help people build their patience.

Rev. Robert Antwi

Rev. Robert Antwi is the Pastor of the Apostolic Church International, Collingdale, Pennsylvania, United States. He is an internationally renowned Bible Teacher and a powerful man of God. He is a Ghanaian who was educated at Prempeh College, Kumasi, Ghana. He studied mining engineering at the University of Science and Technology School of Mines, Tarkwa, Ghana. He worked in the Ghana Consolidated Diamonds for three years. In 1991, he traveled to Denmark to study Theology at the Apostolic Bible College, in Kolding. He worked as a missionary on M V Anastasis, and he was ordained as a reverend minister when the missionary ship was docked in Sierra Leone in 1993. In 1998, he traveled to the United States of America, where he studied at the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, (now Palmer Theological Seminary) in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, Unites States. He also studied MBA-Finance at Haubs School of Business, Saint Joseph University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Unites States. Rev. Robert Antwi is married to Diana Antwi, and the marriage is blessed with three kids, Isaac, Abigail, and Jedidah.

Enchanting illustrated books for the little ones by Author Elliott Gilbert

Enchanting illustrated books for the little ones. Author Elliott Gilbert offers parents and guardians a perfect bonding time with their young readers with these reading treasures.

Max Goes Hunting

Enjoy this adventure story about being on one’s own for the very first time. In this lesson-filled read for new readers, the little ones get to follow Max as he goes hunting for the first time. Max’s adventure might encourage families to include more fruits and vegetables in their diet, as both nutritionists and medical professionals have suggested.

Max’s parents taught him how to hunt for his own food. However, when he goes out hunting for the first time, the emotional pleas of his captured prey become unbearable; he has realized that the carnivorous life may not be for him. Despite his parents’ expectations, Max is unable to return with an animal for the family meal. He gets hungrier and hungrier as he roams through the woods, not knowing where to look further for food.

What he doesn’t know is that a surprising discovery awaits him when he least expects. Find out what it is as Max Goes Hunting.

You can purchase a copy of Max Goes Hunting from these online bookstores: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

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My Cat Story

A day in the life of a mama cat and her kittens told entirely in illustrations.

This perfect read for little ones pushes you and your child to be creative because you can change the story every time, or let your young readers tell the story. It engages their imaginations while increasing their vocabulary.

Follow a mother cat and her kittens as you make up a narrative about it or encourage your children to use their imagination to create a story.

Fun and educational, this book is useful for stimulating children to use their words to create a story about what the illustrations suggest to them.

You can purchase a copy of My Cat Story from this online bookstore: Amazon

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Elliott Gilbert

Elliott Gilbert has illustrated and written numerous children’s picture books including MAX GOES HUNTING and MY CAT STORY. Among the many books he has illustrated are MITTENS IN MAY by Maxine Kumin and the popular classic, THE BEST LOVED DOLL, by Rebecca Caudill.

His paintings have been exhibited in many galleries and won numerous awards.

Examples of his work can be seen on his website elliottgilbert.com

He lives with his wife in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Life’s Different Angles Unraveled in Insightful Read

Chesapeake, VA (January 6, 2014) –People can cheat life but no one can ever cheat death.  The keys to a long life are simple: laughter and reading.  An active mind bypasses senility and Alzheimer’s.  In an entertaining and painfully candid read,Diddlysquat, author Wilkie Lee Jerniganwrites about how choices make a person.


The author invites readers to open their eyes and heart as they prepare to learn more about religion, life, and history in these pages.  Readers will find themselves sometimes laughing at the truths that are worded so well they can actually hurt.


Diddlysquat is something people may have never heard about; others may not know; or something only God knows.  In this book, readers will discover many things that will amuse, befuddle, irritate, tickle, and astonish them.  It’s for trivia lovers, football sports fans, life lovers, love lovers and church lovers (although, this may not always be on the positive side).  There are many discoveries presented here that will simplify people’s understanding of many things unknown to them.  Most of all, there are literary snippets which relate to life and that everyone believes in.


This book is available online and can be purchased atwww.amazon.com andwww.barnesandnoble.com.


About the Author

Wilkie Lee Jernigan was born in North Carolina but now lives in Virginia.  He and his wife, Marie, have been in Chesapeake for the past 18 years.  Aside from his career in the Navy, he also worked for the postal service.  Writing is something he does to occupy his time and this book is his first published work.




byWilkie Lee Jernigan

Publication Date: October 23, 2013

Paperback: $34; 406 pages; ISBN 978-1434916136

To request a complimentary paperback review copy, you may contact Mary Clark at BookWhirl.com by phone at (877) 207-1679 or by email at info@BookWhirl.com.

Iyengar Yoga The Integrated And Holistic Path To Health

IYENGAR YOGASenior Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers Tommijean Thomas, Ph.D., and Ben Thomas B.S. share a simplified yet more beneficial practice of yoga through Iyengar Yoga. Both of these authors, busy and average householders with jobs and children, have discovered and created a series of healthful yoga practices, which is applicable for all. These senior Iyengar teachers present an approach that includes scientifically validated research and proven effectiveness.

In this book, the authors offer teaching and information topics that include a concise overview of the many aspects of yoga: a vast amount of computer drawn illustrations, and more than 500 photographs depicting the yoga postures; a self-study guide to the yoga poses including 70 basic foundation postures with descriptions, techniques, and benefits in detail; 15 original series (sequence/routines) of postures with different purposes and themes to carry the practitioner through a diverse personal practice; a discussion of how to perform and understand the physical postures, rhythmic controlled breathing, meditation, relaxation, postural alignment, stress management, and philosophy; common questions typically asked by yoga students with related answers; an artful collection of photos demonstrating postures beyond beginning level; and so much more.

This is a must-have book for yoga practitioners, teachers, studio owners, health providers, college classes, and business settings as it confirms the benefits and effects of Iyengar-style yoga practice.


Tommijean Thomas, Ph.D. and Ben Thomas, Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers with over 30 years of practice, present a method/approach to Iyengar Yoga that has been scientifically validated and proven effective in a pre/post research study of newcomers to yoga. The signifi cant positive results assessed after eleven weeks of training continue to increase over time and include physical, medical, psychological, and spiritual gains. The Thomas’ conducted and present three additional research studies that show convincingly that Iyengar Yoga practitioners who train extensively and for a considerable period of time will make statistically greater gains in medical, physical, psychological and spiritual benefits and effects than practitioners training over brief and less intense periods. The step-by-step approach in this Thomas text is easy to follow, and contains pertinent material that will be useful for newcomers to yoga, seasoned yoga practitioners, and professional yoga teachers.